Email Sending Jobs Without Investment in India – (No Registration Fee)

As the technology is growing at a rapid speed, the work culture is also changing to meet today’s standards. Nowadays email sending jobs are becoming another wonderful option to earn money. As there are several online income ways available to our daily payment. The emailing work is one of the most preferred job among many people.

Email Sending Jobs

The email is here since the beginning of the Internet. It’s one of the most trusted medium of electronic communication. In India, you can find many online email sending jobs without investment and registration fees. The email presents a formal and elite approach when compared to SMS jobs without investment in India. We can send entire message in one email that this free of cost too.
Today here, we will explore all the details of earning online income via emailing work. So let’s get started.

Email Sending Jobs in India – Complete Guide

In the electronic mail sending work, you are given some set of contents that you need to email or forward to provided contacts. The destination mail ids are provided by the company you are joining. There are many companies who are offering these email work without any investment. You can also get daily payment if you are eligible.

All the instructions should be followed while sending the mails. The instructions are typically common among all companies in India but in some cases it may vary little bit. Since there are lots of companies were offering these jobs, you should figure out you’re joining a genuine and legitimate emailing work.

Most of the time, you’re copying and pasting given material into your Gmail and sending them. Sometimes these jobs can also be referred as online copy paste jobs with some fraction of difference. Your main target is to deliver emails in the inbox of the given mail ids. But this can depend on many factors. Therefore you should focus on quality first rather than quantity.

How to Earn Money By sending Emails without Investment

As we all know that information technology is growing every day at rapid rate. Therefore the way we communicate is also adopting accordingly. As long as the Internet exists, the e-mail will be there. So it’s becoming easy to earn money by sending emails. You just need to be in right firm to make handsome income online.

You can send emails using laptop or mobile phone. Although we recommend you to use a full-fledged computer for doing email sending jobs. Because it’s the fastest and easiest way to accomplish the given work.

Types of E-mailing Jobs

The types of email jobs in India are majorly for advertising purpose. Most of the time, you are sending some promotional emails. The companies are running big budget email marketing campaigns (a.k.a. Drip marketing) all the times. Similar to ad posting job, email marketing campaigns are offered by several companies in India. Connecting to the client or a customer via email can be following format:

    • Voicemail
    • e-message (chat)
    • email sending and receiving
    • email processing
    • electronic data network communication

However, sometimes you need to establish a good relationship via several communications with a client.

Merits and De-Merits of Email Jobs

Email Marketing Work in IndiaIf we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of email sending jobs then we will see more of positive side. There are so much advantages of this work. like most of the online jobs from home, you are free to do work from your comfortable place. Means you can do this work from your home. The timing and the working hours are totally on your own wish. You can work any time when you feel okay.

Although, the earnings are depending on the work that you accomplish. I would not say here that you can on lots of money. Since it’s an email sending job the earnings are mostly in pennies. Another benefit would be that you can join these email jobs without investment and registration fees. Basically these are free to join online work.

On top of that, you may get option to receive daily payments. The payment method can be check, bank transfer, Paytm and so on.

How To Start Email Sending Work

To start email sending work without any investment registration fees you need to find a right company which offers the same. The company should be 100% genuine and legitimate. Not to forget that you should first read all the documents before joining any company.

You will be provided an admin panel which you can use to track & send emails to the given ids. The instructions are mentioned for each project.

Requirements to Join the Electronic Mail Work

There are no such special requirements for this job. You are able to understand simple English. The spelling and grammatical mistakes should not be there. The educational qualifications are expected at least intermediate standard with knowledge of computer and Internet.

An active Internet with a computer or a laptop. Sometimes you can use your mobile phone also. And last but not the least you should have an interest in this email sending job. By having your interest in this work, you can do lots of work without getting tired easily.

How Much We Can Earn?

The earnings will depend on the number of emails that you can send successfully. You can do bulk email according to your capacity you will earn good income sitting at your home.
In India, the earnings can vary from a few Paisa to Rs. 10 per email.

Sometimes you will also earn incentives as a bonus. No one can predict your final earnings. That is totally depended on your capabilities. Everyone has different abilities than others. If you really want to know how much you can earn then you should get your hands in the water.


The email sending jobs are one of the oldest jobs available on the Internet. Still these jobs are famous today among the online workers. If you’re thinking to join any online emailing work then you should give it a try. Who knows that you can on a full handsome income while sitting at your home.

Look for joining without any investment or registration fees. This way you are not in any kind of risk. And if you’re on then it’s on your profit. The work is also simple and easy to perform. Just use your existing computer and Internet and get started.

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