How To Increase Typing Speed in Computer Laptop to 100 WPM (In a Week)

Want to know how to increase typing speed in computer keyboard to 100 WPM? You are at the ideal place. Here I will show you how you can improve your keyboarding skills in just one week.

We’ll first cover basic keyboarding skills on a computer keyboard before moving on to advanced lessons. Fast typing is becoming an important part of our daily lives. It’s not something we can ignore either. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Man Typing Fast on Computer Keyboard

In order to increase your speed and precision, practice these basic skills every day. For getting better at the job, you must learn to type faster and accurately. There is no need to purchase any software or training to improving your typing speed.

Why is Increasing Typing Speed Important?

Fast typists are good at their jobs because they type faster than others. Here we give some additional reasons you should learn to type quickly.

Typewriting skill can be used for many purposes in professional jobs. It allows you to perform many online tasks without investing anything in India. Most computer-related jobs require good typewriting skill.

Accurate typing skills can do wonders in professional job environments. It enables you to do many online jobs without investment in India. Almost all computer jobs require excellent typing skills.

If we consider any typing job that is performed on the computer, then this skill can make or break a situation. People who want to involve in online typing jobs without investment are required to have this skill. Employers want to hire a person who can do their work quickly.

Benefits of Fast Typing Skills

  • More Performance in Work
  • Better Job Opportunities
  • More Earnings
  • Better Productivity
  • Increase in Focus
  • Improves Posture
  • More Work in Less Time
  • You Become More Professional

Typing well shows people you’re serious about your job. If you look at the keyboard without looking down, you appear more professional than if you were just fumbling through the keys.

Role of Fast Typing Skills in Jobs

If you are looking for a job where typing skills are required, then fast typing skills can be very helpful. By having good typing speed, you can get more jobs easily. For example, if you are applying for a job at a company that has a lot of data entry work from home, then you can understand the importance of fast typing skills.

If you want to earn money from home, then typing and form filling jobs are one of the best options available. There are many companies which offer quite good online jobs for students in India. The rate depends on the company and the type of work they require.

So, if you are looking for freelance work from home jobs without investment. Then the increasing typing speed will going to help you a lot. Weather offline jobs or online jobs, the demand for fast and accurate typist will never go down.

There are endless supplies of online vacancies for typing related works. You can easily get freelance typing projects to earn money online in India without investment.

How To Increase Typing Speed in Computer/Laptop Keyboard to 100 WPM

So now let’s know how you can improve your typing skills. I have divided this into 3 steps. So that you can follow them easily. Achieving 100 WPM is not that hard. If you pursue this guide, then you can type up to 100 WPM in 1 week.

How To Increase Typing Speed in Computer Laptop Keyboard to 100 WPM in a Week

If you’re able to devote more hours per day, then the results will come faster than this. It will vary from person to person. You should start by reaching the typing speed of 40 words per minute (WPM) initially.

Here the question arises that what speed we consider a good speed? Although the answer will depend on the type of job/work itself. But let’s assume the requirement for doing freelance Job in India.

For this, you should already have a minimum 40-50 words per minute speed with 95-100% accuracy. The more is better, of course. See what says about good typing speed.

Step-1: Test Your Current Typing Speed on Keyboard

First, you need to know what your current situation is. When I begin, my typing speed was just 35 wpm without proper finger placement. You can test your speed by online website or by the help of typing software.

Try to perform the typing analysis as you do the typing naturally. Then test again with the proper finger positions to see the difference.

Step-2: Define Your Target For A Week

Defining your goal is the most important task. Ask yourself why you need to improve your typing speed on the keyboard? You will get the answer. Then you can estimate the minimum WPM (words-per-minute) for your goal. First, set an attainable target for yourself. Second, break down this target into smaller goals so that you can achieve them one by one.

Take my example. I wanted to achieve over 100 WPM with 99% accuracy. So I divided my first goal into two levels. In level-1, my target is just 60 WPM, which I achieved in the first week. Then I keep on doing typing practice exercises every day. With minor improvements, I crossed the level-2 (100 WPM) mark. It took me around 4 weeks.

Similarly, determine your goal according to you. Else you can follow my technique which should be suitable for most people.

Step-3: Start with Rapid Typing Lessons

After you have defined your goal, It’s time to get started. The typing lessons from foundation basics is the place to begin with. You can do it in many ways. First is learning via typing tutor software on your computer. Another option to learn is directly from online websites. Both ways are good enough. It’s your choice to choose anyone.

Enhance Your Typing Skills

One thing I need to remind you about is that we’re talking about using a laptop or desktop computer keyboard, not a typewriter. Typewriting has become obsolete for most people these days.

First, choose the keyboard layout according to your needs. My recommendation is QWERTY keyboard. As it is, the most used and easier to improve typing speed. Which one is better for typing is another debatable topic all alone. The importance of typewriter vs computer in India can be discussed in another post, though. Both have their own usage and advantages.

Then the next step is to learn the ideal finger placement on the keyboard. The first lesson of typing tutor is learning middle row keys using this. Moving on, you will learn further rows.

Increase Your Typing Speed in Computer by Using Softwares

Some of the typing softwares are famous from long time. These are the industry leaders as far as best typing software is concerned. To name Few:

Enhance Your Typing Pace by Using Online Tools

You can use the online tools website to enhance typing speed to 100 WPM. Although there are many of such websites available on the Internet. But according to me some are the best typing websites which you should try. If you have access to the internet, then visit them and see yourself.

Whichever way you use for enhancing your typing journey, these tools are going to help you in the race of faster typing.

Play Typing Games in Computer

Do you know you could improve your writing speed by having fun? Yes, it is possible! There are interesting typing games that allow you to do this. You will appreciate them.

These are time limit games, which can throw some random words that you have to type quickly. I found it interesting. So whenever you feel bored by the long typing test. You can play typing games to learn with fun element.

Initially Focus More on Typing Speed over Accuracy

If you are looking to improve your typing speed, then there are some things you can do to help you achieve this goal. One thing you can try is to focus more on your typing speed rather than accuracy.

This means that instead of trying to type out every single letter perfectly, you should just be focusing on getting through each word quickly.

The best way to increase your typing speed is by practicing it regularly. Try to set aside at least 2-3 hours per day where you practice typing with no distractions. It may take a few days before you see improvements, but once you do, you will notice a significant improvement in your typing speed.

If you want to improve your typing speed, try using a different keyboard. For example, if you use a regular keyboard, switch to a mechanical keyboard. This will help you train your fingers to move from one key to another without having to think about which letter goes next.

Get the Right Keyboard

Choosing the right equipment is also essential. Your whole efforts depend on the keyboard you choose. There are basically two types of keyboards comes in India. One is mechanical, and another is membrane.

The mechanical keyboard provides a good tactile feedback as it features dedicated key switches. This type of keyboard has a clicking sound each time you press a key. These keyboards are heavier in terms of weight.

Although, the membrane keyboards also carries its own features. These have nice key travel distance and feedback. These keyboards are compact and lightweight. I have written an article for choosing a best keyboards in India. You can have a look at it so that you can make a better decision. The choice is yours always.

In order to Become A Typist from Home, you should get an ergonomic keyboard. These days, people who work on computers spend almost 90% of their day sitting down. That’s why they need to get comfortable chairs, desks and computer monitors. Ergonomics refers to how we can improve our posture and comfort while working.


To sum up everything, I will say that the typing skills are the essential in today’s life. You should definitely work on it. Hope I am able to explain how to increase typing speed in computer on keyboard. You can reach 60-70 WPM within 3-5 days. And if you practice and dedicate yourself thoroughly, you can achieve 100 WPM in a week.

Further Learning:

To enhance your typing speed in a week, spend your spare time doing these typing tests daily. The results will be wonderful and you will definitely improve your career.

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