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Do you want to register and start your earning from Internet? Want to know how to get the online dream job you ever wanted? If YES, then read the complete information given here. There are tremendous amount of online earning work available for you. Understanding each and every aspect before joining online jobs is very important.

Today you can take the steps towards building awesome online career. Just follow the procedure that I have demonstrated here to earn money online in India without investment via online jobs. Although in this online world, it is very easy to get distracted with so much options. Therefore my advice will be that initially focus on one category of work/job.

In the beginning, you should select any one single category of job that you think you can do it well.

Register And Start Earning Money

Top Online Jobs in India:

Later on you can expand the area of your work when you want.

To become successful you should have a fair understanding of your work. However if you are just starting and completely new to this industry then also you should give it a try. Furthermore, if you’re coming with empty pockets than nothing to worry here. You can start working without spending any money. Means you can work without investment or registration fees.

If you are familiar with the registration and know how to make proper registration, then you can directly go below and click register button. For people who are new and needs some support, I have explained step-by-step procedure to do proper registration.

There are endless availability of several online jobs from home and projects. You should be sound professional and well versed in your industry. Always focus on one type of work in starting of the career. Because the focus will make you expert in a specific task or project. Then the chances of hiring you will be much higher.

As most of the employers and managers always look for experienced professionals.

How To Register For Online Jobs

Know The Registration Process

(100% Genuine)

Here we are taking as our main freelancing platform for online earning. The Upwork is well trusted and a vast source for several online freelancing jobs. You can use any other platform as well. These steps to start online work are almost similar to any other platform as well. And there are many such platforms where you can get online jobs.

Read this whole process and understand how you can become eligible for many online jobs. Here we are taking about one freelancing platform which is upwork.

Registration Process – Step by Step

Step 1:

Run your Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc). Now open and you will see its home page. Or directly click below given button and start registration. Then click on the sign-up located on the top. You will be asked for your email address. Just enter your primary email and click continue.

Step 2:

Then you will receive an confirmation email in your inbox. There you will see a link, click on that to verify your email. If you didn’t receive any email, then check the other/junk folder also.

Step 3:

After this, you will be taken to “Complete Your Account” screen. Now choose your country from the first option of drop-down list. Here I have chosen ‘India’ in this case. Specify a password. then Click on “Work as a Freelancer” option. Now below this choose your user ID. Then put-in the captcha, tick the checkbox and click Next. (You should also read their policy, agreement and terms)

Step 4:

Now it will ask you some basic questions to make your profile. Choose the services offered option. Here I have choosen “Admin Support” and “Data Entry” in this case. Mention the skills you have and select your experience level. Click Save & Continue.

Step 5:

After that you will be asked to upload your profile photo. Then in next box, write a brief intro about your work skills and other details. Then specify your education, employment history and English proficiency.

Step 6:

Now mention your hourly rate in dollars. My suggestion that you should not specify too low or too high rates. If you have no idea then you can always look for other professional’s profile for and estimate. The company will charge 20% fee on top of that. This will be applicable only when you got some work. So there is no investment or any type of spending from your pocket.

Step 7:

After this write down your address details. Mention your full address with postal code and a working phone number. Then click Review Application and Submit. Now the process is almost complete. Upwork will review your application and send you email when you are approved. Click Submit My Application to complete the registration process.

Get Online Work & Jobs

Now click on “Find Work” option in the top left of the page. Here you will see all the online jobs which are available. Now explore and get familier which type of works are available and suitable for you.


Just do registration as mentioned here to start your online journey. The platform I told you is fully trusted and legitimate freelancing platform. You can expect timely payments from the company. Create your profile as much attractive as you can.

Describe your skills, knowledge, capabilities and experience if any. You will see that there are lots of online micro jobs available all the time. If you work hard and dedicated then you will surely see success soon.

You can contact me for any training and support. I would be more than happy.

Some More Freelancing Job Platforms:

If you have any suggestion or feedback that you want to give then contact us.

Thank you and happy earning!

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