SMS Sending Jobs Without Investment to Work From Home: Earn Daily Payment no Registration Fee

Want SMS sending jobs without investment and registration fees? You have come to the right place. Know how to earn money through mobile by sending SMS. You can start an SMS job work from home and earn daily payment in India

Hi I am Sachin, having 10+ years of experience in earning money via several online work at home jobs. I have already done the hard work for you, so that you don’t have to.

Recently, I was searching for an SMS sending job in India. I spent a lot of time looking for an authentic and free SMS job, and I discovered how to start online jobs using mobile phones without investing or paying any fees.

SMS Sending Jobs

Mobile phones are a revolutionary technology that has greatly impacted our lives. This is a era of online opportunities. With the latest advancements in technology, almost anyone can make money from the convenience of their home by just using mobile phone.

Because of the decrease in smartphone and data plan prices, there is a higher rate of mobile phone users in India. Thanks to Relience Jio for the being so affordable.
Mobile SMS sending jobs are among the simplest jobs online, therefore these are the most preferred work to earn money online in India from home. You can make a decent income from your home by just using a smartphone.

Here I will solve all your queries about SMS sending job without registration fee. Fully read through this page and you will learn how to make money from mobile phone. That’s too without any investment daily payment.

All I can say that it’s a great online work opportunity that costs nothing. Yes, these job works you can get started completely free of cost. But first, you should know the proper way to do it.

You can earn daily payouts in your bank account from this work. But it is not like any other government registered SMS sending jobs. This work requires a fast response from your side. This SMS job is neither extremely difficult nor a breeze, but it is doable.

Start SMS Sending Jobs Without Investment Work From Home

SMS sending jobs allow you to earn money daily without any investment right from your home. This article provides complete details about SMS work from home jobs without investment along with their pros, cons, payment modes, requirements and step-by-step process to start a free SMS sending job.

Vacancy TypeSMS Sending Jobs, Work on Mobile, App Based Tasks
PlacePAN India - (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore,
Kolkata, Pune, Punjab, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, etc.)
ModeOnline (Work at Home)
QualificationsMinimum 10th Pass
Age18-60 Years
SkillsApp Operating, Message Receiving and Sending
Work TimingPart-Time or Full-Time
PaymentsDaily, Weekly, Monthly Basis
Payment ModePaytm, UPI, NEFT, Check
Salary15,000 - 45,000 (Monthly)*
Registration FeeFree (No Investment)
How To StartRegister & Start Earning - (Link Below)

Start Mobile SMS Job Work From Home

( 100% Genuine & Trusted )

What is a SMS Sending Job?

A SMS sending job involves sending promotional or bulk SMS to customers on behalf of companies. Companies outsource this mobile SMS work to individuals who can send thousands of SMS daily from their mobile phones without any investment.

The SMS jobs are one of the Internet marketing jobs. In this job, you earn daily payment by sending SMS messages from home. There are several bulk-sms and marketing corporations which provide this job. It is a simple work that anyone with basic skills can do.

As we all know that SMS stands for Short Message Service. It’s a feature provided by mobile network operators (Like: Airtel, Vodafone-Idea (Vi), Reliance Jio, BSNL, etc.). You can send SMS (text-messages) which can carry 160 characters to any other cellphone user.

Short-Message-Service is a cheaper and convenient medium to deliver information. Because this is an easy and effective tool of communication, therefore many business uses it. Some examples of the professional SMS messages are: promotional SMS, feedback SMS, notification SMS, transactional SMS, verification SMS, etc.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is also used to send free SMS. It has its own advantages and dis-advantages. In many companies, WhatsApp Business is a primary tool to send free SMS. Hence, they call these jobs as WhatsApp message sending jobs. The job is essentially the same.

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How Much You Can Earn From SMS Job?

You can expect decent daily income from online SMS jobs without investment. Let’s take an rough assumption:

If you get Rs. 2-3 per SMS. And you are able to send messages of around 100-200 in a day. Then the earning anywhere from Rs 500 – 1500 per day. This means approximately 15-45 thousand rupees monthly.

SMS per Day Earnings per Day Earnings per Month
100 Rs. 200 – Rs. 300 Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 9,000
200 Rs. 400 – Rs. 600 Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 18,000

But, it will depend on many factors. Like: type of job, payout amount, work allocation, SMS job company, etc. If you follow the correct procedure and do your work with right efforts. You can earn quite a respectable income from this work.

What Are The Requirements?

To succeed as an SMS operator, you must fulfill these requirements.

  • The Minimum Education is 10th Pass
  • You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old
  • You Must Have A SmartPhone with Active Mobile Number
  • For Monthly and Weekly Payment, You Will Need A Bank Account
    • (Some companies do daily bank transfer if the amount is good)
  • Good typing speed of 30-40 WPM
  • For Getting Daily Payment You Must Have An Active Digital Payment Wallet (Paytm, MobiKwik, PhonePe, etc.)

However, there may be other requirements that may vary depending on the online part time jobs for students in India. Another common requirement is that you have a computer and an active internet connection. This is because many online jobs involve working from home, and you need to access the internet to do your work.

Pros and Cons of SMS Sending Jobs Work from Home

Before you start doing this job, you should first know the pros and cons of this SMS sending job work. Like any other online work, this has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, the number of benefits is much more than the compromises it needs.


  • Work From Home
  • Daily Payment Mode
  • No Investment Required
  • No Registration Fees Required
  • Variety of Online Mobile Jobs
  • Part-Time / Full-Time
  • Needs Only Basic Skills
  • Easy & Simple SMS Sending Jobs
  • Fast Digital Payments
  • Send SMS via Software
  • Safe & Secure


  • No Office Environment
  • Repetitive SMS work
  • Income in Parts
  • Not a Physical Job
  • No Job Security

Moreover, this job is most suitable for college students as it doesn’t distract them from their studies much. Some telecommunication company have exclusive send SMS jobs for students to better support them. You can do it in part-time or full time as per your needs.

Types of SMS/Mobile Jobs in India

There are basically two types of online mobile jobs without investment and daily payment. One is pure SMS sending and another is earning via mobile apps. First is traditional job and the later is new form of online mobile jobs. See comparison:

WorkSMS JobsMobile App Jobs
Hours Per Day4-5 hrs1-2 hrs
Register FeeFree/PaidFree
Joining BonusNoneRs. 10 to Rs. 50
Earning PotentialLowerHigher
Security DepositYesNo Invest.
Risk %50-60 %1-2 %
ControlsNo ControlFull Control
Work TypeEasySuper Easy
Payment ModeCheck, Bank DepositPaytm, Wire-Transfer
Payment CycleMonthly PaymentDaily Payment

As you can see here, making money via mobile application is a much better way. There are unlimited earning apps for android are available on Google PlayStore. We have a dedicated guide on these apps which you should not miss.

Also, there are many well established bulk sms businesses in India. Therefore, there is enormous demand for this of mobile sms jobs. Due to market need, several mobile text-messaging company offers daily payment and free registration to attract new SMS operators.

Not to forgot, there are also many government registered SMS sending job providers in the market. They claim their legitimate presence by showing their certification under Govt. Hence you can earn money by sending SMS which is provided to you in form of tasks.

Who Can Join These Online Mobile Jobs?

Anyone having a smartphone and internet connection can join SMS sending jobs without investment or registration fees. You can work part time or fulltime as per your schedule and availability.

Students, housewives, retired professionals, unemployed youths, anyone looking for part-time jobs from home can benefit from these mobile SMS jobs.

You should know the essential requirements and that’s it. Actually, this message forwarding works are quite simpler among the top online jobs without investment daily payment from home.

The list of most opted people in SMS sending job without investment daily payment are:

  • College Students
  • House-Wives
  • Un-Employed
  • Job Seekers
  • Self-Employed
  • Retired Person
  • Small Business Owners

Tip: In order to make decent money through mobile, add more people (friends, etc) in your down-line. And tell them to do the same. Similarly, they will also get benefited and your account funds will grow.

Get Online SMS Sending Jobs Without Investment

Girl Doing SMS Sending Jobs Without Investment

Yes, you read it right. You can start SMS sending jobs without investment of a single rupee. There are lots of opportunities for home-based SMS work in the market. Through them you to earn money by sending SMS without any sort of investment or security deposit.

In India, it’s possible to join an SMS job position without any money – a great way to start working. The best part is, it’s absolutely free.

Join SMS Jobs Without Registration Fees

Above all, you can join the short-message-sending job without registration fee too. Back in the time, there was a trend of charging a small enrollment fee at time of enrollment (listing fees). But as the competition rises in the market the registration fee is not required.

Join SMS Jobs Without Registration FeesMore and more government registered SMS marketing companies waved off these fees from their SMS-operator vacancies. You can get this benefit as well. Many private firms claims they have Vodafone/Airtel SMS sending job or even Jio SMS jobs company. But I have seen none.

At the time of applying for the SMS sending jobs from home, choose free to register jobs only. No need to pay any money when you can start without any expense.

Earn Daily Payment at Home

Who doesn’t like to get paid every day? In this career, this is the coolest option you can say. Work daily and get your earning in the end of each day.

Earn Daily Payment at HomeSounds interesting to me. But there are some exceptions as well. Not all SMS marketing firms in India are paying like this. You should verify it before starting the work.

The SMS sending job daily payment is actually simpler than it looks. There is redeem option in your dashboard and there you can set the payment options. You can set daily, weekly or monthly.

Else you can set to transfer the payment automatically to your bank account when you reach a specific amount.

The Potential of SMS Mobile Jobs

As far as future prospects are concerned, I can say confidently the future is going to be extremely bright in the whole mobile jobs industry. Everyday more and more people connect to their smartphone. The growth of the whole online earning field is booming in India.

However, there is a shift of I am seeing in this online SMS Jobs work. The whole industry is moving towards a more digital way. I mean, the SMS sending jobs without investment and daily payment organizations are now shifting to mobile apps. By which you can enroll and start your income from home.

You can also use these online platforms ( option-1 and option-2 ) to send messages (free SMS) from your computer.

So this is the perfect opportunity to pursue this career. Don’t wait any longer if you haven’t begun; take the first step and you’ll be proud of your choice later. Initially, you can start as part-time jobs to have a fair idea about them.

What Are The Payment Modes?

You can receive your income money by different payment options. Some examples are.

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Check Payment
  • Redeem in Your Digital Wallet (Paytm, Mobikwik, Jio Money, etc)
  • UPI Payment
  • PayPal Transfer
  • Vouchers and Gift Cards

Although these options can vary from work to work. But mostly have similar ways to pay you the salary/earnings. There are also options to get monthly/weekly payment on reaching a specific amount.

Which is Better: Full Time or Part-Time SMS Work From Home?

As per my recommendation, do this work as a part-time. However, the answer will depend on the current situation you are in. If you are already working somewhere or studying, then you should start part time mobile jobs. If you just want to observe the income potential in this work, then just start part-time SMS marketing work. ( More Info. )

You can start by dedicating your free time to this work. Once you’re comfortable, take the leap and start working full-time.

How To Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile – (Step by Step)

First of all, decide the area of your coverage. Define the work limits that you posses. How much time you can put on the work every day. Which kind of work you prefer and so on. To earn money from mobile without investment, you should be more specific.

How To Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile

There are lots of ways to get income using your mobile phone alone. Doing SMS sending jobs daily payment from home is just one part of it.

Making money through apps is a legitimate and straightforward process. I have already given the list of best money earning apps in India. Go through each option and choose wisely, which would be most suitable for you.

Step 1: Joining The Program

[ Link Given Below ]

The very first step to start is you choose the type of work (See below list). I have given the joining link for best SMS/mobile jobs (without Investment & Free Registration) below.

Install the app and create an account. Register with proper details and with valid email id. The registration process is straightforward and completely free.

Step 2: Verify You Account

Now, in this step, provide the Refer ID Code. Or directly use the link to start online mobile jobs. After successful registration for mobile earning work, you will get a verification email.

After that, check your email inbox for a link. Click it to verify and activate your account. A phone verification is also crucial step, so don’t miss that.

After this, the mobile SMS marketing company will send a short-message which has OTP in it. Use that to verify your account.

Step 3: Start Performing Initial Tasks

After verification, it will present you with some basic tasks on the dashboard. These are your first tasks and you must do it in order to activate your account. Doing this will also give you a joining bonus, which you can redeem later.

Step 4: Do The Work from Home on Mobile

Now explore all the options and features of the application. So you can start doing further more given works or come back later. You will see all available works and their payouts. Do as much as you can to receive maximum credits in your account.

Step 5: Make Money From Mobile

When you reach the required amount (which is quite easy) you withdraw your earning to your bank account. You can select your preferred payout option from the account settings.

The best & 100% genuine sms sending jobs without investment and without registration fee are becoming rare nowadays. But with mobile jobs you can expect to earn money from mobile and get daily payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an sms job without a registration fee?

A: An SMS job without a registration fee is a type of remote job that allows you to earn money by sending text messages without any initial investment or obligation to pay a sign-up fee.

Q: Can I find SMS sending jobs without registration fees?

A: Yes, there are several companies offering free SMS sending jobs without any registration fees. You just have to research and ensure you are dealing with a genuine one.

Q: Is it possible to do an SMS sending job daily payment without investment?

A: Absolutely, many companies offer a daily payment scheme for their SMS sending jobs without requiring any upfront investment.

Q: Are there any genuine free SMS sending jobs I can do from home without investment?

A: Yes, several companies offer genuine free SMS sending jobs that you can do from home without any investment. However, it’s important to ensure the legitimacy of the company before you start the job.

Q: Can I do the SMS sending job from my mobile?

A: Yes, the majority of SMS sending jobs can be done from mobile devices. This makes it possible to work from anywhere, at any time.

Q: How much can I earn from SMS sending jobs?

A: The earnings from SMS sending jobs vary depending on the company, number of SMS sent daily, and the payment terms of the company. It’s always important to verify this information with the company before you start working.

Q: Can I do this as a part-time SMS sending job without investment?

A: Many people do SMS sending jobs as part-time work without any investment, making it a flexible earning option for students, homemakers, and anyone looking for extra income.

Q: What is the company’s online SMS sending job process?

A: In a company’s online SMS sending job, you are typically required to send a certain number of messages every day to a prescribed list of numbers. The messages are usually promotional content or surveys, and you get paid per message sent.

Q: Are there any qualifications required for SMS sending jobs?

A: Generally, there are no specific qualifications needed for SMS sending jobs. However, basic knowledge of using a smartphone and the ability to send messages are required. Good communication skills can be an added advantage.

Q: How often do I get paid in an online SMS sending job?

A: The payout period for online SMS sending jobs depends on the company. Some offer daily payments, while others offer weekly or monthly payments. It’s crucial to understand the payment cycle before starting the job.


At the end, I will say that the SMS sending jobs without investment is the way to get an initial start. It is possible to earn a decent amount of money working from home. The work is genuine and actually simple to do. These SMS work from home jobs are most suitable for college students and stay-at-home parent in India.

You can join without registration fees and easily complete the work sitting at your home. With this knowledge, making money through mobile apps or Sending SMS Jobs should be no problem.

Anyone with basic knowledge can begin their online earnings by just using a mobile phone. As I have guided, understand the complete process earn and joining procedure. The only thing needed is your first step in this direction.

Start Earning TODAY!

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For any queries related to this work, please reach out to me and I will be happy to assist you.