How To Create A Fillable PDF – Make An Editable PDF Form (For Free)

Are you looking to make a editable PDF document? In this article, we will discuss how to create a fillable PDF forms for free.

How To Create A Fillable PDF

Fillable PDF forms reduce the hassle of handwriting or printing. They allow users to enter data electronically, making it simple and fast to fill out details and make changes. This makes it easier for companies to securely process and store data quickly.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to create an fillable PDFs form for free. So keep on reading.

Benefits of Using Fillable PDFs

A fillable PDF is a type of document that can be opened and filled in on any device. These are popular due to their ease of use and the same level of accuracy and security as traditional paper forms. It allows people to quickly and easily fill out information without the need for a printer or dedicated software.

Hence it save time and resources on paperwork customer feedback methods. That’s why fillable PDFs are an important part of form filling jobs from home because they allow for faster and easier data management process.

Additionally, these PDFs allow people to customize them with a variety of elements such as logos and background images. Editable PDFs have customizable features that allow users to auto-populate certain fields and trigger certain actions based on responses.

This type of document is usually best suited for forms that require detailed information, such as application for no investment online jobs, feedback surveys and data entry related works.

Furthermore, editable PDFs are especially beneficial when working on typing jobs that require completion of forms. By using these PDFs in typing work from home jobs, businesses and organizations can simplify their complex typing tasks. A remote worker can type directly into a PDF document instead of paper or other electronic documents.

This makes it quite useful for employee working on typing projects. This kind of PDFs can also automate certain parts of the process while still maintaining accuracy in typed documents.

How To Make A Editable PDF Form in MS Word – (Step-by-Step)

Editable PDF Form
Editable PDF Form

Fillable PDF forms can be created, but it requires steps to make the form professional and efficient. Here’s how to get started:

Step-1: Gather Information

The first step is to gather all the information you need regarding what type of data you want your Fillable PDF form to include. This includes customizations that can be made to a form, such as questions and prompts, fonts, images, colors, etc.

Step-2: Choose The Software

Once you have this information gathered up and ready, decide on which software program you will use for creating your Fillable PDF form. MS Word can be used to create forms and it can be accessed for free with an Outlook account.

Step-3: Start Creating Document

To begin creating a fillable PDF in Microsoft Word, you will want to open up an existing Word document or create a new one. In this case, start by open up a blank document in MS Word. Now drag content blocks to necessary place, so that each field appears exactly where you want them within the form layout.

Step-4: Customize The Fields

If adding interactive fields which allow users to fill out their own information on the fillable PDF form. Then there are two main options available. Either using existing filling field templates provided (such as text boxes). Or setup custom fields with specific parameters tailored according to individual preferences (for example dates newlines etc.). You can also make certain parameters mandatory or optional. Doing this enables users to provide certain input before continuing with their submission.

Step-5: Produce The Fillable PDF

Once all of the work is done, select “File > Save As” from the top navigation bar, now choose “PDF” as your file type when prompted with the dialog box. This will allow you to save your document as a PDF file. Your Fillable PDF is now ready. The file has been saved as a PDF with all of its native intelligence intact.

All that’s left now is sharing it via email or posting it online at appropriate locations. So people can view your creation and start submitting their own responses accordingly. Make sure to save a copy once completed for backup purpose.

Types of Editable PDFs

There are several different types of fillable PDFs available on the market today, each with unique features and applications. Let’s learn about them.

Basic Fillable PDF

The most basic type of fillable PDF is the flat-file form, which presents users with a blank canvas. It can be used to enter required information. This fields can be text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons. The user can save any data entered into the form. And you can retrieve it at a later time or transfer to another application. This type of fillable form is great for collecting simple pieces of information that are likely to need further customization or analysis.

Form Based PDF

Form-based PDFs are fillable PDF forms that contain various fields for gathering information, such as name, address, date of birth or other data. They are commonly used for job applications, surveys and official documents. When used properly, fillable PDFs can streamline the data entry jobs by allowing workers to easily input the data in their respective fields. To create fillable PDF forms, you need a program that offers Form Field creation. Adobe Acrobat has the most comprehensive set of tools available for creating form-based PDFs.

Interactive PDFs

Interactive PDFs provide users with more interactive capabilities than traditional files. PDFs with interactive elements allow users to navigate through forms and enter text or check boxes by clicking in certain areas on the page before filling data. These features usually require usage of scripting tools to add functionality to the PDF document. This is done by using scripting tools within Acrobat Pro software versions to add functionality to the PDF document. This includes adding clickable elements like checkboxes and buttons.

Secure PDF Files

Secure PDF Files use encryption and password protection to keep confidential information safe. Password protection requires authorized users to provide the correct password before they can view the file’s contents.

PDFs with more secure features use encryption technology. It allows only intended recipients with access rights, such as permissions, to open or modify the PDF. This ensures sensitive information remains safe even while being transferred over public Wi-Fi connections. Additionally, user restrictions may be put in place which limit printing, downloading and editing based on specific users.

Additionally, it is also possible to add user restrictions such as permissions which can limit operations like printing, downloading and editing with regard to specific users.

Signature Based PDFs

Signature-based PDFs are documents designed for digital signing. All parties involved in a transaction require digital signature as an agreement to the content of the document. This authentication process involves identity verification and prevents any data tampering through a compatible digital signature manager system. Signatures from one or more signers are authorized after verifying their identities, ensuring that no changes will be made before or after the transaction.

Tools and Resources For Creating Fillable PDFs

There are many more tools and resources available to create a fillable PDF. These are the most famous tools as per today’s needs.

Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe Acrobat is a popular tool for creating fillable PDF forms. It comes with many features that aid in formatting and customization, such as font size and color adjustments, automated dates/time stamps, digital signature capture fields etc., so documents can be easily accessed on any device.

Google Forms:

Google Forms is an online resource that allows users to create dynamic forms with various features. This includes questions, check boxes, and text fields which can be filled out by customers or colleagues. This give limitless design options for users to be as creative as they’d like. It also has advanced testing ability such as custom questions and quiz grading abilities making it suitable for complex projects requiring data entry automation capabilities.

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word can be used to create fillable PDF forms. File menu’s Settings tab includes a Property check box with an “Add Text Field” option, allowing users to insert fields which can later be filled in by customers or colleagues.


This is an easy-to-use web form builder allowing users to quickly build any kind of internet based forms including contact forms, order processing forms etc. Enabling them submit their own customized templates via email or provided host links with just one click without any hassle whatsoever.

Nitro Pro:

This popular software stands out for its ability to convert webpages into interactive PDFs along with providing other basic editing functions. Such as adding text fields wherever applicable. In addition to offering robust business support services including automated workflows saving both time and money while streamlining business processes effectively.

Creating a fillable PDF form isn’t difficult once you understand how all the various elements function together. It just requires some knowledge and preparation which can vary depending on the type of form or document being created. Make sure that you know exactly what information needs to be included. Once everything has been double checked then it’s just a case of tweaking the design until it looks perfect!


Creating fillable PDFs can seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. As businesses and organizations move towards a more digital-driven workflow. Having the ability to create fillable PDFs is becoming increasingly important. Thankfully there are a number of free tools available that make creating fillable PDF documents much easier.

Fillable PDFs can help make your workflow more efficient while decreasing human error and cost associated with data entry or manual paperwork processing. With so many options available, there’s never been a better time to dive into the world of fillable PDFs.

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