Google Online Jobs Without Investment & Registration Fee in India

When we are looking for online earning then the Google online jobs are the best opportunities the we can have. After all this company is biggest and most trusted brand on the whole Internet. The Google online work from home jobs offers huge income scope for many students in India.

If you want to know how to earn money from Google online jobs then let me tell you this is perfect place. There are several kind of online jobs without investment and registration fees are available especially for students. So Today I will guide you how to get these jobs without investment and start your earnings.

Google Online Jobs Without Investment

I have seen many companies who advertise that they have data entry, online typing jobs, form filling, ad posting, etc. kind of jobs. So I have analyzed all of the options. Let’s checkout them now.

Types of Google Online Jobs without Investment

According to me there are some amazing works by Google. I have already explained how to earn money online in India without any investment. But here I am considering those options in which you can earn money with the help of Google. The best one are these listed here.

1. Provide Google PPC Services

The Google has a vast share of paid-marketing industry. It is also referred as Pay Per Click (PPC). In this anyone can advertise their business on the Internet with the help of google. This advertising is basically of two types. One is Marketing on Google and another is marketing on Google partner platforms. Whenever someone searches on google some advertisements shows-up. And when you visit a google approved website you can see banner ads.

In today’s scenario there are big need of professionals who can perform this work. There hundreds and thousands of work opportunities in this field. You can start advt posting and become paid-marketing professional in India. So if you learn how to perform this advertising then you can provide PPC services.

2. Become SEO Professional

Similar to paid-marketing there are organic marketing too. The natural results you see in google search results are due to website optimization. This is known as Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO. You can become SEO professional and provide services to clients. This way you can do many online part time jobs for students without investment by the help of your laptop and Internet. The need for such person is always in demand.

Most of the business owners are not that much technical. They know that they can get more customers by doing SEO. And as a SEO professional you can charge them for your services. In the beginning you can start with some experienced ones. You need to learn the right procedure and it will take time. But once you are confident then you can get these projects easily.

3. Work As Google AdSense Online Publisher

One of the best option to earn money from Google online jobs is through AdSense. This is a program by Google for publishers. If you have a website up and running then you can monetize it with the help of this program. If you don’t have a website yet then you should build one. The website should be in your interest. You can share any knowledge and information that you have.

In short, if you can provide solutions to the people then this would be a great option for you. There are endless types of topics then you can build a website on. Choose a topic which is most suitable for you. Moreover if you don’t know how to start a blog or website, then no issues. You can read a complete in-depth guide on the same here.

4. Do Google PlayStore Optimization

Similar to SEO there is another term ASO. It means App Store Optimization. You can learn the optimization for the ranking apps in Google PlayStore. This is a skill will take you long in online earning journey. You can become ASO professional and start providing your services.

On the PlayStore there are so many applications are there. And each there are many more uploaded. In this situation the need for a person who can optimize them is much higher. You can approach the business with your offers and get the projects. You can join online freelancing platforms (like Upwork, fiverr, etc.) to get more such projects.

5. Start A YouTube Channel – (Without Investment)

Online Jobs with GoogleNow this is much more conventional and easy option for students. This would be best for those who don’t have much technical skills. You can start your YouTube channel and start uploading videos without any investment. The channel topic can be anything that you like. By saying this it doesn’t mean you can ignore public demand. The topic should also interest many people.

Always choose your niche first before starting. You can start recording videos in your regional language. look for the empty spaces and opportunities. Fill those spaces by providing your content. The future of video is the brightest among the many medium. So start from today.

6. Get Google Opinion Rewards Jobs Online

Get paid to give your opinion. It is another great google online job that anyone can do. You need to install a application on your mobile and there provide your views. You will get rewards directly from Google. It is kind of similar to any other online survey job in India. But here the Google is providing such work option.

Earning money from sharing your opinion and views is not new in the industry. Amazon is also providing rewards and prizes for participating in their quiz. The amazon quiz answers are daily published here so you can participate and give solutions there. But here we are considering earning money by google online works. So to start with Google rewards program click on the below link and get register yourself.

7. Become Google Products Trainer

There is another whole new field of google online jobs from home you can do. After you have gained expertise and deep knowledge in any google product. You can start providing training sessions online. You can become a professional trainer online. There are many platforms (like Udemy) in the Internet which gives you this opportunity.

Moreover, you can make your complete course on a particular topic. Students will opt for your course and you will get paid for that. No only this you can start online teaching work without any investment in India and give online lectures.

More Earning Ways (Without Investment & Registration Fee)

There are much more money earning ways that this. Some of the best ones are listed below. Do check these also.


So To conclude her, I will say there are many ways to earn money from Google online jobs. Here you can see the best ones which you can start without investment in India. Apart from this there are much more ways that you should also consider. Choose which you feels will be appropriate. In the end your choice matters and it will define the path of your life.