How to Get A Typing Certificate Online (Ultimate Guide)

Typing is increasingly important for jobs today. Employers want employees who can type fast and accurately. Many typing related professions, such as online digital work, require it as a crucial skill.

How to Get A Typing Certificate Online

Typing helps communication by making it faster and more efficient. It also improves productivity by helping employees finish tasks quicker. Having excellent typing skills can give job seekers an advantage over others. So, job seekers should develop their typing skills to stand out.

What is a Typing Certificate?

A typing certificate is a document that certifies the individual’s typing speed and accuracy. It often includes information such as words per minute (WPM), overall accuracy percentage, and time taken for the test. It is useful for many genuine online jobs without investment daily payment, where typing skills are essential. Some examples are typing jobs, data-entry jobs, editing and proofreading work.

Why Should You Get a Typing Certification?

A typing certification proves to employers that you can type quickly and accurately. This can save time and money for your employer.

Having a typing certification shows that you are well qualified for the job you are applying for. It can also make you more attractive to employers compared to someone without a certification. Having this certification can be extremely valuable when you opting for remote typing jobs without any investment in India.

Therefore, If you want to prove to employers that you are committed and you can meet their demands. Getting a typing certification is worth considering.

Types of Typing Certifications Available

There are different types of typing certifications, each with its own rules and advantages. Some common types of certifications include:

Basic Typing Certification

This is usually the starting point for those learning to type. It tests their ability to type a certain amount of words per minute (WPM) with a specific error rate.

Advanced Typing Certification

This certification requires a higher WPM speed and a lower error rate. It may also test your ability to type complex phrases, numbers, and symbols.

Executive Typing Certification

This is for those planning to work in executive roles. The test measures your typing speed and accuracy, including transcription tasks.

Numeric Typing Certification

This certification tests the ability to accurately type numbers, often testing ten-key typing proficiency.

Professional Typing Certification

This general professional certification focuses heavily on speed and accuracy in typing. It can be highly useful in professions like typing or online data entry jobs that requires typing skills.

Touch Typing Certification

This tests one’s ability to type without looking at the keyboard, this is also referred to as touch typing.

This tests one’s ability to type without looking at the keyboard, this is also referred to as touch typing.

Each type of typing certification may have differing standards of speed and accuracy needs. Obtainment of these certifications can open up opportunities in various remote part time jobs for students in typing and related fields.

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Institutions That Offer Certifications

There are many online platforms that offer typing certifications that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. These certifications are often self-paced and require you to complete a series of tests to show your typing skills.

  • This institution offers free online typing lessons and tests. After finishing their advanced typing courses, users can take an exam to get certified.
  • Typing Master: Provides online courses and certification for typing. Their software can assess typing skills and offer personalized training.
  • TechSkills Academy: Offers an online course designed to help improve typing speed and accuracy. After finishing the course, students can earn their typing certification.
  • Alison: This online learning platform offers a Touch Typing Training course. Once learners pass assessments, they can earn a certificate.
  • Udemy: An online learning platform that offers various typing courses from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Learn2Type: They offer free typing tests and certification. The typing certificate is printable with name, and speed and accuracy percentage.
  • ExpertRating: A leading online certification provider that offers a Typing Skills Certification.
  • Ratatype: Offers a multiple-choice test, followed by a practical exercise. Certificates are issued once learners achieve 40 words per minute (WPM), and faster.
  • TypeDojo: Offers typing certifications along with speed tests.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Offers a variety of typing and keyboarding training courses.

Additionally, many colleges and universities provide typing certifications in their computer science subject. These courses teach you advanced keyboarding techniques and provide practice sessions. Make sure the certification you get is recognized and valued in your industry or by your future employer.

How to Choose the Right Institution for You

Choosing the right typing exam institution can be difficult. You need to think about the cost, location, and format of the exam. Before deciding, it’s important to research the institution’s reputation and accreditation.

Other student’s or professional’s reviews can help you decide if an institution is right for you. Also, consider the support offered by the institution, like tutoring or online resources.

Finally, make sure the institution has a schedule that works for you. Considering these factors will help you find a school that meets your needs and gives good instruction.

How to Register for the Typing Exam and Prepare for It

Registering for a typing exam is simple. First, find an accredited testing center that offers the exam. Contact them to ask about registration. Most centers will need you to fill out an application form and pay a fee before taking the test.

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After you sign up, it’s important to get ready for the exam by practicing your typing. You can do this by using online typing lessons or taking practice tests. Also, make sure to rest well before the exam so you’re refreshed and ready to do your best on test day.

Preparing for The Typing Exam

Preparing for a typing exam can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking practice tests is a great way to get ready. It helps you become familiar with the test’s format and timing.

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Creating a study schedule and following it will help you stay on track and be ready for the exam. It’s also important to know the format of the typing exam so you can be prepared on test day.

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Knowing how many words per minute you need to type will help you plan your approach. With adequate preparation, taking a typing exam can be an achievable goal.


Getting a typing certificate shows that you can type well and can lead to more opportunities. To get one, you need to take a typing test online or in person, practice typing, and retake the test until you reach the required speed and accuracy.

After passing the test, you will get a certificate. This certificate proves to employers that you can meet their expectations for typing speed and accuracy. With dedication and practice, anyone can obtain a typing certificate and benefit from it.

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